miTime Time Tracking Software

miTIME Time Tracking Software has all the top end features in one easy to use, intuitive system.
With benefits like powerful adjusting expenses, and an intelligent system that can calculate extra fees per hour, per trip or once off for your customer and or your employee or contractor. Add to this the fact that the system is mobile friendly, allowing you to view reports, add clients, projects and anything else no matter where you are.


miTime allows you to create multiple projects per client. Each project has a project manager and unlimited servicing users with each user having their own costing scheme.

Easy To Use

miTIME was designed with the user in mind. With a simple, intuitive interface ensuring your employees and contractors are not wasting time trying to work around complicated software.

One Click

miTIME allows you to clock on with one click and then get down to business – when you’re done, clock off and you have an accurate time log ready to populate an invoice.

Automatic Invoices

With miTime, simply click a button and all the billable time captured for a client will be invoiced quickly and accurately. No fuss, no complications, just one simple click.

Detailed time entry notes

miTime allows you to add detailed notes for each time entry, allowing you to keep abreast of any problems or observations your team encountered in real time.


miTime provides standard reports and the ability to add your own. View the time each of your team members spend on a client or project at a glance.