miRespond Autoresponder Features

miRESPOND autoresponder software has all the top end features of premium products in one easy to use, intuitive system. With benefits like double-optin, timed email bursts, newsletter templates, pre-defined text or html code for all your repetitive information - and place it ANYWHERE in your email - not just at the bottom as a signature - although you can place it there too if you like!  You have complete control.  Better yet, it also includes the ability for protective, limited download links (yes, even for files hosted on Dropbox!), email bounce checking, tracking clicks for unlimited links, opened emails along with html and text in one email to ensure your list sees well formatted data no matter what options they have set!  And much, much more.

Easy to use

miRESPOND was designed with the user in mind. With a simple, intuitive interface ensuring you do not waste time trying to work around complicated software. All this, without compromising on functionality.

Grow your Brand

It is a marketing fact that most consumers only purchase from a business after they have seen your brand at least five times. miRESPOND helps you grow your brand by putting your branded emails regularly in front of potential leads. This is all done professionally and on complete autopilot.

Build Loyalty

Having a loyal list of buyers is one of the most powerful tools a business can own. miRESPOND helps you build loyalty in your subscribers by letting them know you are thinking of them with regular, personalized emails and allows you to send targeted communications and special offers. Subscribers feel loved and appreciated and reward you with thier loyalty.

Boost Sales

Have a new product you need to tell people about, or an exiting one that you want to run a promotion for? miRESPOND allows you to create a set of emails sent on dates you specify to build awareness and anticipation for an upcoming launch or promotion. Change the subject and content of the emails sent out to see the difference in open and click through rates to further refine your campaign as you reach D-Day. This will build anticipation and gives you a tried and tested formula for boosting your sales.

Retain and Win Back Customers

miRESPOND knows that building your list takes time and effort. Keeping your subscribers happy is our goal. By enabling you to see which of your emails are opened and what links your individual customers click, you can then ensure you send your customers content they want, instead of content they do not. This drastically reduces your subscription rate.

Delivery Rate

miRESPOND has a unique solution to combating non-delivery of emails. Instead of using a single account for all our customers, that leaves you vulnerable to the spaming actions others, drastically affecting the delivery rate of your emails. We instead use your personal smtp details to send your emails, thus increasing the delivery rate and ensuring your campaigns are not affected by anyone else. You can also rent a dedicated, personal miWARE email address only you use if you prefer to keep things separate (and our email addresses allow up to 400 emails to be sent per hour)!


miRESPOND allows you to setup multiple autoresponders per campaign. An autoresonder is an email that is sent out at a predetermined interval after signup and is perfect for keeping your list engaged without you having to do anything! It is often used to automatically supply an email course to subscribers.

Detailed Reporting

miRESPOND tracks the open rates along with which subscribers click which links in your emails. Our unique protected download links are also tracked per link as well as per email.

Protected Links

miRESPOND has a unique protected link option often used for downloads of files you have on DropBox or on your own website. This feature offers a download limit specified by yourself to ensure your downloads are protected from unauthorized clicks or downloads. The original link is never provided to the subscriber.