10 Steps To Starting A Business

90% of Businesses Fail in the first Year

Were you aware that 90% of Businesses fail within the first year of operation?  That means that for every 10 businesses started, only 1 will last over a year.  Not only is this statistic shocking, but it can be avoided.

Don't Make The Same Mistakes As 90% Of New Business Owners

Many new entrepreneurs make common mistakes that lead to their businesses not being able to get off the ground within a reasonable period of time, which leads to them being forced to close the company.

Do not start with a Business Plan

Contrary to what many aspiring entrepreneurs think, writing a business plan is not the first or most important step to take when starting a business. For most people-especially those who have not yet started a business-this is actually one of the last things you want to do in the start-up and get-off-the-ground phase.

Discover The 10 Steps You Should Take When Starting Out

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